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Ideamart is a telecommunication based platform which exposes APIs to create services on their own or to support build their own businesses. Below are the steps for you to get started with Ideamart APIs.


  1. Create an Ideamart account.
  2. Provision an Ideamart service application.
  3. Submit for approval
  4. Test in limited production
  5. Move to active production

For IdeaApp service providers, this documentation will include the tutorial documents required for provisioning an IdeaApp.

For IdeaPro service providers or developers, this documentation will serve tutorial documents for provisioning an application and developer documents to learn more about the API capabilities.

IdeaPro service providers may need to develop their application before provisioning. Please refer to the developer documents to understand API capabilities to handle the requirement.

This documentation includes API documents for

  1. SMS API
  2. Direct Carrier Billing API
  4. Subscription API

If you require further support on documentation, please email to [email protected]

If you are an Ideamart by Smart service provider, please email to [email protected]

P.S. - Please note that currency and other operator specific details may look different in the documentation and video tutorials.