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IdeaApp - Contact

Step 1

Click on the Contact button as follows.


Step 2

Then fill the details regarding your Contact application.


Application Name – Should have 4-9 characters.

Keyword – Click on the Create Keyword.


Select a Short Code from the given list and enter a Keyword.

Keyword must be a simple unique term which doesn’t already exist. Click on the Addbutton once you enter it.

Application Validity Duration – If your Voting Application is limited for a certain period of time, select the Does your application require an expiry date? box and specify the expiry date.

Description – Give a proper description about your application and its purpose because it will be easier to approve your app quickly.

If you want to send a response message for the users who have sent messages for the app, select the Common response required? box and type the response message there.

Click Next.

Step 3

The provided details will be displayed as follows.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.36.54 PM

Charging Configuarations – The above mentioned details are set by default

Re -check the details you have entered, modify any changes and click Confirm.

Finally you will see the following.