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For service providers who are not developers, IdeaApp is the ideal solution. IdeaApp is a set of template based APIs where the applications can be created just by filling a form. There are 4 categories of applications which users can create through IdeaApp. - Services - Contact - Voting - Alert

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Once you select 'Create Application' you may see the below categories.

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You might be a loyal customer at some store, and send you their deals on a schedule. For example, “Buy one get one free offer is available at ABC store this weekend”.

Or a scenario where you need to send the prayer times to the registered users on a daily basis?

Service applications are best suited for these type of scenarios. They allow you to send messages at scheduled periods of time to registered users, ex: hourly, daily.


You must have heard of radio stations getting requests for songs from listeners. A news publishing company might need to get feedback of the readers to improve their articles.

In these type of situations contact applications come into play. These apps allow the subscriber to express their opinion, send suggestions, provide feedback etc.

ex: type “play Highway to hell by ACDC” and send to 1234


Imagine you need to create an app so that you are able to vote your favorite star in a reality show, or the student committee needs to vote to choose the chairperson of the Student Alumni.

You surely have come across advertisements on TV which asks to send a sms to a specific number to vote,

Ex: Type “RealityShow 3” and send to 1234. In requirements like this, voting applications are the way to go.


Have you enabled news alert applications on your phone? If not celebrity updates, sports updates, weather updates and so on and so forth?

Or at least an application which sends updates via messages to your phone?

These apps are made possible by alert applications.

They allow the user to send quick notices, warnings, updates, entertaining information and news to your subscribers