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Video Tutorials

Please find the video tutorials regarding Ideamart platform.

Build your first IdeaPro Application

Part 1 : Building a simple service using our sample codes

This tutorial will explain the 5 areas of the tutorial series and explain how to build a Simple SMS application using a code sample.

Part 2 : Requesting a hosting space from Ideamart

Second part of the tutorial explains how to create an Ideamart account and how to request for a hosting space.

For Smart users, please note that support email is [email protected]

Part 3 : Uploading your files to the hosting space

This tutorial explain how to upload the lib folder and SMS file to hosting provided by Ideamart. To connect to your ideamart hosting use WinSCP. Create a directory and drag and drop the files.

Part 4 : Provisioning the application and approval request

Final part of the tutorial series will explain how to provision an application and request for approval