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FAQ - Ideamart

What is the difference between ideaapp and ideapro

Ideapro is for developers and Ideaapp is for non-developers.

IdeaPro mainly provides you the flexibility of handling the API along with your own hosting and specific requirements while IdeaApp are predefined service types which any person can easily replicate for many different use cases.

From the back end standpoint, both products will connect your configuration to operator API to provide service to the end user.

What is my cost for creating a service through Ideamart, or maintaining an account?

It is completely free to use. There is no initial investment that service providers should pay for Ideamart. The revenue model for ideamart is by sharing the revenue you generate as a service provider. The revenue share in between service provider and Ideamart/Operator is 50%.

How do I register to Ideamart and create an account?

if you are in Sri Lanka you can go to

If you are in Cambodia, you can register through

Click Login. From the landing page go to 'Create an account'

What do you need to have an account?

You need to have a mobile number(which supports Ideamart) and a working email, both of which will be verified when you are creating the account.

If you're from Cambodia, as a Smart Service provider, you will need a SmartLuy wallet since the revenue earned will be shared through SmartLuy wallet in the end of every month. (monthly revenue)

How many APIs and featuring services are available there in Ideapro?

There is a lot of features Ideamart can provide corresponding to the APIs we provide. You can read the developer documentation here Ideamart Documentation

How many services are there in Ideaapp?

Mainly Ideaapp consists of 4 types of different pre developed services which you can replicate and customize to yourself.

  • Services

  • Alert

  • Voting

  • Contact

You can read the document for more information Ideaapp Tutorials.

What should I do before creating an IdeaPro?

IdeaPro requires to know where do you want the platform to direct requests and notifications received in order to provide the service.

So before provisioning an IdeaPro, it is vital to build your code scripts, upload it to hosting space and be ready with endpoint URLs to handle the requests.

You need to have your own complete application built with the endpoint.

To understand what sort of features and endpoint URLs you need to be ready with please refer to the documentation here. Provisioning an Ideapro

Who will develop the application for Ideapro?

Ideamart is a self service portal to create services. Based on the features and functionalities platform provides, it's developer's skill and responsibilities to create the entire solution. Ideamart of course will help and provide support to understand the platform and guide you through to deal with the platform end to end.

What is my market of subscribers?

Your market is the user base of the operator which you provision in the process.

But our services work upon a subscription model. Which means, in order for a user to receive the service, the user should subscribe to the service. Without user content it is not possible to provide a service forcefully to the end user.

Therefore, it is developer's, service provider's responsibility to do marketing for your service and attract subscribers based upon your value proposition.

Is there a limit for charging?

There are two main types of charing in Ideamart. Recurring charges and on-demand charges.

In th case of recurring charges the scenarios are like below.

For Ideapro, the charging rates are flexible with a given limit by the administrators. Services with obviously unfair rates will be questioned back before providing approval to go live.

For Ideaapp, the rates are fixed and customizability is limited since it's based on template services.

You can also use on-demand charging feature when you use CaaS (Charging as a Service) only in IdeaPro. There the maximum and minimum amount you can charge can be set. Administrators have the authority to change the limits and set user authentication for charging features.

That means whenever you make a charging request, it will have to be authenticated by the end user via SMS/USSD.

What is my revenue out of total revenue generated by the service?

This is highly dependant on the operator that your service belongs to. It is operator's decision to share the revenue as required.

For Cambodia, the revenue share is 50:50. Total revenue generated is equally shared between Smart and service provider (you)

How do you have your revenue?

This is also operator dependant.

For all operators in Sri Lanka, the revenue share will be transferred to the bank account as entered when registering to the platform.

For Cambodia, Smart operator service providers/developers, you will have to have a SmartLuy wallet active and should be connected with Ideamart platform. At the end of every month, the revenue will be shared to the particular SmartLuy wallet.

To see how much revenue you have earned you can check the application reports in the Ideamart dashboard.

Who to contact if there is a problem with Ideamart?

There are multiple ways you can be in touch with our team.

For Sri Lankan operator based service providers

Hotline : 0773054056

Email : [email protected]

For Smart service providers

Hotline : 85510212122

Email : [email protected]

WhatsApp : 85510212122