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For developers who has Smart as the home operator, reconciliation will happen through a unique mobile wallet called SmartLuy.

Please ignore, if developers are from different home operators.

Instead of bank details, developers will be directed to a separate page to add their SmartLuy wallet and verify the user to proceed.

I don't have a SmartLuy account?

If the developer does not own a SmartLuy wallet already, dial *111# from the mobile phone to create a wallet with your Smart number.

For more information about SmartLuy, check FAQs

SmartLuy FAQs

Ideamart by Smart will support SmartLuy and will have two options for wallet ID.

  1. Continue with the same mobile number used for Ideamart account
  2. Use a different account for an existing SmartLuy wallet.

Wallet ID will be verified via a 4-digit verification code.

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Response Description
Wallet option not Selected Wallet option must be selected either to use the same mobile number or add a different number.
Wallet Id Empty SmartLuy Wallet ID can not be empty to proceed.
Wallet Id invalid format SmartLuy Wallet ID format is incorrect. Please use wallet ID without country code (855/0).
Invalid Wallet Id Wallet ID entered is not a valid wallet. Please create a SmartLuy before proceeding.
Active Wallet Wallet ID entered is valid and in active status.
You have reached the maximum number of verification attempts! Please try again after 15 minutes When any verification attempt limit exceeds 5 times, the user is blocked for 15 minutes to proceed as a security measure.
Verified OTP Verification is successful
Failed OTP Verification is failed. User has entered an invalid OTP.
Verification code can not be empty OTP Verification is attempted with an empty field.
System Error occurred. Please try again in few minutes. Any internal system error

Contact Ideamart by Smart support hotline 010212122 or drop a mail to [email protected] for further assitance.