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Introduction to I Say YouDo

I Say You Do is a Task Automation and Service Mashup engine that enables allows users to automate and personalize tasks of their choice. The services can cover a variety of aspects such as News, Education, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Employment, Utility Management and etc.

On ISayYouDo, each service is called a "Say Box" and users can create different scenarios through each Say Box. Each scenario/recipe thus created is called a "Do Box".

Given below are some of the Say Boxes listed on ISayYouDo (

Given below are some of the Do Boxes that a user has created using Say Boxes

Relationship between "Say Box" and "Do Box"

In Say Box (which defines a trigger) + Out Say Box (which defines an action) = Do Box

User Scenario

Given below is an example of the user scenario when a user attempts to create a Do Box using the "CNN Alerts" Say Box

This Say Box allows the user to filter CNN News alerts according to a keyword(s) of their choice.

Once the user enters the Say Box, they will first be met with the In-Say Box that takes up the details of the trigger for this service.

In this case, the trigger would be the occurrence of any CNN News article that contains the keyword "Global Warming".

The next step would be the option to choose an Out-Say Box. An In-Say Box can be mapped to multiple Out-Say Boxes. Out-Say Boxes are what will perform the action of the recipe.

Here, there are two Out-Say Boxes available to choose from.

In this example we will go ahead with the SMS Out-Say Box

Here the user can configure the details to have ISYD perform the action.

After this scenario is complete, a Do Box that contains all information regarding the triggers and actions of this scenario will be created.

Users can view and edit the Do Boxes they create, through the “My Do Boxes” tab in the User Menu.

Not only does ISayYouDo provide services for the public to automate tasks according to their choices, but they also provide a platform for Developers to create Say Boxes that users can use to create Do Boxes/ rules from.

Please refer the developer documentation to learn about the development of Say Boxes on ISayYouDo.